Big Changes

Hello everyone!

It seems that every time I post to the blog, I talk about how I am going to be better at posting on regular basis, but it never comes to fruition. No promises, but I'll be spending more and more time on this side of the business. 

2018 has been a wild year. I've shifted the business to focus on working with wholesale clients, and am now working with 50 businesses. As much as I have loved meeting so many awesome people doing the show circuit, it has been taxing on me and the family. I will continue to do a limited number of events, but I will probably limit it to 1-2 events a month. 

The most exciting and stressful part of this year has been the expansion into Las Vegas. In June, I took about $4,000 in candles and "trained" a family friend in the finer points of selling candles. It's been stressful, but it is going to be an amazing, long term project. More importantly, it has helped me let go to certain aspects of the business and I hope to hire a few more brand ambassadors in 2019.

Above all, I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity. I might just be a candle maker, but I think this is laying a foundation for something much, much bigger in the future. 


Much Love,